How to Order

Buying products in is very easy, and there are two ways:

Online Purchase

Make sure that you have an account in, or you could also use your social media accounts such as Facebook or Google+. You could register using one of those accounts to register in The account will be used so that later when you make another purchase, you don't have to bother to send your data such as name, address, no. telephone and so on. Just stay logged in, then all data related to you such as bio, purchases, addresses and others are available and ready to be used. You can also track your order status and shipping on your account page.

After logging in, please enter the category menu, then choose package product. There will be a list of product packages that you can buy, and you can choose as you wish. After that you will brought to the product details page as follows:

Please insert quantity (number of package) you wish to purchase, then choose “Buy” button.

After that, please go to the Cart page (shopping basket). To find out the shipping costs, please choose the location item will be sent. Select provinces, districts and sub-districts then click the "Calculate shipping costs" button as follows:

A package via JNE selection popup will appear, please select one and click the "Use" button, like the picture following:


After that, choose the "Checkout" button, please adjust the data of your purchase. At the end of the page please choose "Confirm", by then your order has been successfully created.


Manual Purchase

Please contact our call center to make a manual order purchase.