About Us




Kera Sakti is a brand of a traditional medication company. Its vision is to elevate herbal products for the sake of society and environment health. It chooses ‘back to nature’ approach in every step it takes, as nature has already prepared herbs as medicine. It has been our commitment to socialize traditional medication to live a naturally healthy life.



Kera Sakti popularizes rational, safe, and fairly-based-on-research herbal products. It helps and urges government, educational institutions, and medical world to be more involved in research and development of drugs and herbal medication. It develops citizen awareness of the importance of health by keeping a healthy lifestyle, using natural ingredients, and having naturopathy treatment. It thrives to be a worldwide herbal medication company.

Kera Sakti ointment was made from a hereditary recipe and was perfected by Sin She Oey Eng Djin since 1970 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Initially, he, who also taught kungfu, used Kera Sakti ointment for personal, family, relatives, close friends, and his students only. Then, since 1975, Kera Sakti ointment has been sold for public until today.

Kera Sakti ointment has also participated in various herbal medication exhibitions and has been used by various people from governments’ officials, celebrities, and public figures as well as other people from all levels in the society. Kera Sakti ointment has been known for its cold and refreshing feels and its multi- effectiveness, such as treatments for wounds, sprains, bruises, itching due to insect bites, aches, wounds caused by hot water, and others. Originally, there was only one product of Kera Sakti ointment, then followed by the release of Widuri powder to remove sweat/ body and feet odors, as well as whiten the underarms area.

Along with the current development and consumers demand, it then releases variants of Kera Sakti ointments, such as Hot Kera Sakti ointment, Lemon Kera Sakti ointment, and Jasmine Kera Sakti ointment, that each has its own properties and effectiveness. There is also Winata powder for uric acid, which helps to relieve aches and joint pains, reduce uric acid levels, as well as improve blood circulation. All of our products has been halal-certified by MUI. We will keep researching and developing and also launching new products with its effectiveness to keep Indonesians health.